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Our WHY – Have impact: grow conscious businesses that grow our community
Our Values – World Class Learning, Connection and Drive

“We help individuals and teams to get firing! Then we can focus on building a great business model.”

Rod FraserRod Fraser 300

  •  My personal highest values are world class learning, health & well being and coaching
  • I have been in business all my adult life, I was 18 when I bought my first business.
  • I love learning about personal growth, behavioural change, strategy, and business growth
  • I have worked with CEO’s, for profit and not for profit businesses, and professional practices around the world.
  • Master Practitioner NLP, Demartini Values Accredited Facilitator & Demartini Method Facilitator


Ellyn MartinEllyn photo 1 22.03.2014

  •  My personal highest values are helping people grow, learning and connection.
  • I have worked in adult education, not for profits, and local government.
  • An extensive background in organisational development, facilitation, coaching and training.
  • I love helping people and my 25 year old son who brings joy to my life. Oh and I love ear rings too 🙂
  • Some of my training includes Demartini Values Accredited Facilitator & Demartini Method Facilitator

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Rod Fraser

Ellyn Martin