Strategic Planning

A framework for strategic thinking and planning

High impact growth needs a framework to facilitate strategic thinking and planning as an operating framework monthly, quarterly and annually. This program involves setting up the plan, and a framework for quarterly and annual planning, involving the whole team and getting them on the same page.

Making sense of increasing complexity

Growing a great business is not an accident. It is by deliberate design. We live in a world now where we have crossed a threshold of complexity beyond complicated. You can’t think it through on your own. You need to tap into your team, and core customers. The only way to deal with complexity is to change the way we work.

Get the whole team involved

Setting priorities, 90 day missions, creating projects for teams, high performance pods to focus on in the context of the plan, breaking it down into weekly sprints with daily pulsing. It’s this approach to harnessing and focusing energy that really shifts the dial. Get the whole team working together as a team.

Strategic by design

Strategic planning done right gives you a structured way to do the thinking needed and framework for everyone to be part of the plan. It helps everyone to focus on what’s most important. Good strategy is as much about growing your people as it is about growing your business. Start using the power of everyone on the same page.

Ask us about an Organizational Health program and the One Page Strategic Plan.