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Business Growth Strategies - Our Values - World Class Learning, Connection and Drive

"We help business owners to find their flow, get their team firing and to scale their business

simply and sustainably by getting more & better clients."

Rod Fraser

  • Highest values: world class learning, health & well being and coaching

  • I have been in business all my adult life, I was 18 when I bought my first business.

  • Have coached & consulted to many professional services and consultants, coaches and service based businesses.

  • Personal coaching with Business Owners.

  • NLP Coach & Consultant. Frank Kern Certified Sandor Consultant, etc.

Ellyn Martin

  • Highest values: helping people grow, learning and connection.

  • I have worked in adult education, not for profits, and local government.

  • Business excellence framework, agile ScrumMaster and more.

  • Extensive background in organisational development, facilitation, coaching and training.

  • NLP Coach and Consultant.

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