Disconnected and distracted the new normal

strong culture team teamwork values Apr 20, 2022

The disconnected and distracted company is the new normal. The glue that binds people together has withered away. Business as an efficient machine and the exponential growth of technology, the internet and smart phones has turned people into isolated islands and drones. Even worse we are disconnected from our customers.

It's time to rethink how we do business. It's time to reboot. The way forward is to reconnect with ourselves, with our teams, with our customers, with people, to redesign our lives at home and at work to be human centered. Business is now about doing work that matters, to make a difference and to build community, to reconnect.

Business now is about purpose, our values, it's all about people, it's about meaning and fulfillment. It's people to people not B2B or B2C. How do you make the shift? First you step out and enter new conversations, and explore the new possible. Get back to what's really important.

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