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Achieve Accelerated Sustainable Growth For Your Business, With Less Drama.

At the heart of a sound business is Purpose, People, and Profitability... and you being free to be strategic. Going to the next level might start with boosting profits quickly, or getting you and your team in flow, with purpose. Click the button below, book a call and talk to an experienced coach.

Many established businesses are under pressure whether it be because of people or profitability, or both. What Is Being Stuck Costing You?

Most business owners of an established business struggle with burnout, stress and overwhelm. Add to that, the business is not performing as well as they want. Something is broken. When you don't have a dependable platform for growth and profits that simplifies things, you are:

  • Second guessing yourself

  • Working more and more

  • Stressed about sales and cashflow

  • Struggling to keep the team on track

  • Worried about the business all the time

  • Overwhelmed and can't prioritize

  • Not sure how to free yourself

  • Putting out people fires all the time

Let's look at how you can increase profits quickly with clarity and focus without the drama or working harder. When you have more profits in your business we can free you up, you can look after your people, and build a platform for sustainable growth.

Having a personal and business coach and mentor helps you to find your flow, and free you up so you can work strategically on your business!

We work with you personally so you can be in your flow

This includes personal coaching to redesign your role, focus, time and activities so you are strategic in your business. We help you to be values driven, to manage your state and to think things through.

We help you work on the business for sustainable growth

The key to building a dependable platform for growth and profits is transforming and automating your sales process and then laser focusing your marketing to better target your core client with clear messaging.

We help you get your team firing to multiply your efforts

Your team is the ultimate multiplier in your business. When you have a team that is cohesive and aligned, with clarity and focus, then with the right framework they can find rhythm to get more of the right things done.

Here's How To Get Started In Three Easy Steps.


Book A Call

Let's see what is going on and where the opportunity might be to increase revenue and profits quickly so you can build something special.


Get A Plan

Get a plan to move forward with clarity and focus to achieve what you want and get the help you need.


See The Results

Transform your sales process, laser focus your marketing, get your team firing, be strategic and free yourself up.

Here's what some of our clients have to say...

For instance:

A professional services firm in health and injury management. They have used these strategies to attract A-Players to their team and to retain their team. They have built a bench of potentials over time and an operating framework that reinforces team and being strategic.

A client manufacturing a product for regenerative agriculture farmers discovered that team cohesion and clarity around a better strategy increased revenues by more than double and increased profits 6 fold.

Here's what they say...

Brad Stevens - Align Work Health

"Business Growth Strategies has transformed our business. We were stuck working in it, continually fixing things and juggling staff and customers. They’ve challenged us to transform from a micro business mindset into something more, working to be in our flow creating great outcomes for our team and clients and to be profitable. All the while still challenging us further."

Rachelle Armstrong - Soil Restoration Farming

"Before working with Business Growth Strategies, I would say that we relied on external factors, luck and a lot of passion to run our business. Rod and Ellyn coached me as the business owner and our team members to transform the way we worked, finding our individual and team flow. The results were outstanding."

We Have Trained, Studied and Utilize The Works of...

  • Frank Kern Inc. - Sandor Coaching, Sandor Social Media and Rainmaker Online Marketing Certifications.

  • Chris & Jules Collingwood - Post Graduate Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

  • Scrum Master Certification. Jeff Sutherland - How To Get Twice As Much Done In Half The Time.

  • Gazelles International Coaches with Verne Harnish founder of Entrepreneurs Organization EO - Scaling Up and One Page Strategic Planning framework.

  • Patrick Lencioni's - The Advantage, 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team.

  • Jim Collins - Built to Last, Good To Great, Great by Choice.

  • Jack Stack - Great Game of Business.

  • Dr Brad Smart - Topgrading and refined by Dr Geoff Smart - Who: The A Method for Hiring.

  • Dr George Kohlrieser - Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior - Hostage At The Table, Care To Dare.

  • Alan Miltz - Cashflow Story, Greg Crabtree - Simple Numbers, Jonathan T Byrnes - Profit Mapping.

  • Australian Applied Management Colloquium - Leadership program

  • Business Excellence Framework..

  • Dr John Grinder & Carmen Bostic St Clair - Process Oriented Coaching, Advanced NLP Coach.

  • Dr John Demartini - Demartini Values Process Facilitation, Demartini Method Facilitator.

  • XL Foundation - Coach The Coach, Life Coaching, Wealth (Talent) Dynamics Profiling Master Practitioner

  • Dr Stephanie Burns - Learning to Learn, Training to Train & Advanced Programs

  • Graduate Certificate In Frontline Manager Development

  • Certificate III in Marketing - Promotions.

  • Geoff & Mahni Dugan - Practitioner & Master Practitioner of NLP (twice).

  • Anthony Robbins - Date with Destiny, Life Mastery Programs.

  • Post graduate studies in Business Administration.

  • Jay Abraham Mastermind Success Program.

  • Results Corporation marketing bootcamps & advanced with Chris Newton, Paul Dunn and Jay Abraham.

  • Diploma of Education.

  • Bachelor of Arts.

  • Etc.

As you can see, our values in action - World Class Learning, Connection and Drive.

"Most business owners of established businesses have a quandary. They are suffering from burnout, yet they want to grow their business. When you are stuck in the business it is hard to see where the opportunity is and know what to do, specifically!"

Most business owners of established businesses we talk to want to increase profits, they want more freedom, AND they want to work less with less stress, overwhelm or drama. And they want a great team. More and more want to scale and be exit ready. They simply don't know where to start.

When you are exhausted it can feel impossible.

When you are stuck in chaos and complexity it's hard to know what to do. That's when the best thing you can do, is stop, take a moment, and get help to get perspective.

Often we find that by talking to someone who has experience and skill as a coach, and as a business person with more than 40 years experience, you can get clarity and focus. You can free up your time, create physical, mental and emotional space, and create financial breathing space.

If you have marketing and a sales process that is working, and you have momentum then we have something to work with. If you have a good solid core team then we have something to work with.

Rather than doing more and more we can help you simplify and focus on what is most important, your highest value, greatest impact activities.

We need to free you up, and get fast cash in the door so you have room to move and breathe.

Ironically, the quickest way to get more revenue and profit in the door is not generating more leads.

It's improving your sales process to get better conversion rates and higher profitability per sale.

Most sales processes are broken because people are selling too early, too fast or steps are missing. They are selling transactionally with a transactional mindset, when it needs to be a relational, consultative sales process with matching mindset.

Especially, if it is a high ticket product or service. Selling value is different to selling time, labor or knowledge. The multiplier is very different too.

The path to more profit, more freedom, and less work and less stress is to change 'how you work' and 'how you sell'.

Then we can improve your marketing, get your team firing and work strategically on the business.

Here's what to do next.

First, book a call with me, Rod Fraser.

Learn where you can increase revenue and profits with immediate effect. And, no it does not mean spending a fortune on more ads or generating more leads or traffic.

It's free, and no, it is not a sales call. Of course you need to qualify as this is not for everybody. For example we don't work with start-ups. I don't want to waste anybody's time.

This is only for business owners of established businesses, who are actively marketing and selling, with forward momentum, and who have a team of 8 or more, and truly value team and customers.

In this chat we will establish where you are now, what you want to achieve, what we have to work with, and what is holding you back. If we can help you we will tell you. If we both feel it is right for us then we can talk about what is next.

If we decide to move forward in most cases we would do a more in depth discovery session followed by a planning session to determine the highest priority actions for you to move forward. This is where we co-create a mini action plan if you like of 1-5 priorities based on what you really need. There is a cost for this if we get this far.

After this if you need help we can talk about the scope and agree on a proposed project or plan to work together.

We may focus on increasing profits, looking at your whole sales process and the numbers.

Or we might start with a session with you and your executive team doing a Talent Dynamics profile on each person and a debriefing session with the team. It is a good way to get to know each other and for your team to build stronger bonds and learn how to find their flow individually and as a team.

Everything we do as personal and business coaches is based on right fit and permission. We can coach you the business owner, and your team, and work together strategically on the business. You need to be coachable.

Transform your life and business - as we say... Be Different, Be Values Driven, Be Strategic.

A business can achieve accelerated sustainable growth through Purpose, People, and Profitability.

Go ahead click the button and book a call, now. I have a few questions for you first before we go to the calendar to book a date and time.

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