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"Sometimes you need an outside perspective, a fresh set of eyes, an experienced business person and coach who can speak straight and challenge your thinking. It is easy to get stuck in your own soup."

Most business owners of established businesses we talk to want to increase profits, they want more freedom, AND they want to work less with less stress, overwhelm or drama. And they want a great team. They simply don't know where to start.

When you are exhausted it can feel impossible.

When you are stuck in chaos and complexity it's hard to know what to do. That's when the best thing you can do, is stop, take a moment, and get help to get perspective.

Often we find that by talking to someone who has experience and skill as a coach, and as a business person with more than 40 years experience, you can get clarity and focus. You can free up your time, create physical, mental and emotional space, and create financial breathing space.

If you have marketing and a sales process that is working, and you have momentum then we have something to work with. If you have a good solid core team then we have something to work with.

Rather than doing more and more we can help you simplify and focus on what is most important, your highest value, greatest impact activities.

We need to free you up, and get fast cash in the door so you have room to move and breathe.

Ironically, the quickest way to get more revenue and profit in the door is not generating more leads.

It's improving your sales process to get better conversion rates and higher profitability per sale.

Most sales processes are broken because people are selling too early, too fast or steps are missing. They are selling transactionally with a transactional mindset, when it needs to be a relational, consultative sales process with matching mindset.

Especially, if it is a high ticket product or service. Selling value is different to selling time, labor or knowledge. The multiplier is very different too.

The path to more profit, more freedom, and less work and less stress is to change 'how you work' and 'how you sell'.

Then we can improve your marketing, get your team firing and work strategically on the business.

Here's what to do next.

First, book a call with me, Rod Fraser.

Learn where you can increase revenue and profits with immediate effect. And, no it does not mean spending a fortune on more ads or generating more leads or traffic.

It's free, and no, it is not a sales call. Of course you need to qualify as this is not for everybody. For example we don't work with start-ups. I don't want to waste anybody's time.

This is only for business owners of established businesses with at least $500,000 in revenue annually as a baseline who are actively marketing and selling with forward momentum, and who have a team and truly value team.

In this chat we will establish where you are now, what you want to achieve, what we have to work with, and what is holding you back. If we can help you we will tell you. If we both feel it is right for us then we can talk about what is next.

If we decide to move forward in most cases we would do a more in depth discovery session followed by a planning session to determine the highest priority actions for you to move forward. This is where we co-create a mini action plan if you like of 1-5 priorities based on what you really need. There is a cost for this if we get this far.

After this if you need help we can talk about the scope and agree on a proposed project or plan to work together.

We may focus on increasing profits, looking at your whole sales process and the numbers.

Or we might start with a session with you and your executive team doing a Talent Dynamics profile on each person and a debriefing session with the team. It is a good way to get to know each other and for your team to build stronger bonds and learn how to find their flow individually and as a team.

Everything we do as personal and business coaches is based on right fit and permission. We can coach you the business owner, and your team, and work together strategically on the business. You need to be coachable.

Go ahead click the button and book a call, now. I have a few questions for you first before we go to the calendar to book a date and time.

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